Make more money with your music.

Let's face it, making music has become a necessary evil to make money with touring and merch. Just because music is your gift, you shouldn’t have to give it away. GoodTunes is setting things right by fairly compensating Artists, while helping them to form a deeper connection with their fans.

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GoodTunes makes sense vs. cents.

Artist, Fernando Perdomo earned the equivalent of 3 yrs of streaming income in 7 hrs.

Fernando’s most streamed song “Waiting” (with Mario Gil) reaching 124,013 streams over 37 months.


Sell, then stream.

When you launch on GoodTunes, you can still launch to streaming services. Release first on GoodTunes as a tool to learn which tracks your Superfans love the most. Then, you can push those tracks to streaming services and maximize traction. Plus, not pushing every single track to streaming offers Superfans a reason to buy your music.

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Make money, forever.

GoodTunes is more than just a one-time sale. Every single time your EP or Album is sold, re-sold or changes hands, you make money. Forever. This, is just the beginning of a new era in music. Even as important, your fans are your fans. With their permission, you have full access to them.

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GoodTunes committed to helping Artists make money through their music. We’ll even do the work so that you can focus on what you love to do, make music. Get started today, by clicking the button below.



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GoodTunes™  is a revolutionary music platform where you can sell music to your Superfans and make more money than streaming alone. GoodTunes is powered by GoGoods™, a trusted-third party hub that provides provenance, and transfer of ownership for every EP or Album sold, resold and even gifted.